AquaVent Field Notes

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Support Hanger
Bracket Installation

Before Deployment


It is recommended to take a manual water level measurement before installing an AquaVent logger, shortly after installation, periodically during your monitoring interval, and at the end of your measurement period. Use these measurements to verify AquaVent readings, and for data adjustments later on. Ensure you take manual readings as close in time as possible to a scheduled AquaVent reading.

Before deployment, make sure you do the following:


It is useful to synchronize the times of all AquaVent loggers being used for the same project.


The length of the Vented Cable should not be assumed as the deployment depth, as there may be some slack in the cable, especially when using the hanger bracket.




For tips, precautions, and more information on installations in different environments and applications, see the latest AquaVent User Guide.


After Deployment

After deployment, make sure you do the following: