solinst cloud data management and device control

Solinst Cloud

Simplify Monitoring, Expand Networks, Extend Data Management

Solinst Cloud is a sophisticated cloud-based platform for simplifying data management and storage. Solinst Cloud is designed to adapt to your needs and expand as your water monitoring networks grow. Data is kept secure, allowing you to control access and extend data management and specific privileges to authorized team members as needed.

solinst cloud dashboard


Data & Device-Management Simplified:


Convenient Project Management

Managing and organizing all your data and monitoring projects in one central location has never been easier. It smartly organizes your information into projects, putting important data at your fingertips. Navigate your way through the user-friendly Dashboard view with ease, quickly reaching critical details such as alarm triggers and the latest reports.


Streamlined Device Management

Solinst Cloud supports Solinst LevelSender 5 network communications, simplifies setup, and eliminates the need to use email addresses. Once programmed and deployed, modify LevelSender settings remotely, saving you time and costs from site visits. Maintain your systems using diagnostic information sent to the Solinst Cloud, or by using a convenient PC Field Utility.

solinst cloud levelsender setup streamlined


Secure Data Management

Data sent to the Solinst Cloud can be viewed in a number of ways, allowing you to better visualize what is going on at your sites. With the added capability to upload Levelogger log files to your projects, your team will have convenient access to data for decision-making.