About Solinst

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Solinst Canada Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality groundwater instrumentation since 1980 when company president Doug Belshaw recognized the need for innovative and easy-to use instrumentation for the growing hydrogeology field.

First Solinst introduced its Model 101 Water Level Meter for hydrogeologists in the United States. The sturdy design, stretch-resistant tape and special markings in feet and tenths of feet (now 1/100 ft) proved ideal. The Meter gained in popularity and soon became the Water Level Meter of choice for American groundwater monitoring.

Since then hard work, listening to our customers, and thinking creatively has enabled Solinst to flourish. We now offer a broad range of innovative and practical equipment, used by both hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. The range still features Water Level Meters, but has expanded into dataloggers, telemetry, Interface Meters, Drive-Points, Samplers and Multilevel Systems.

solinst interface meter used at tire file site in 1991

A bit of history - above article posted in local Georgetown / Acton Ontario Canada Newspaper May 1st, 1991 about Solinst equipment being used a tire fire site.

The Solinst product line is ideal for site characterizations, spill investigations, and long-term ground water monitoring.

Behind the full range of Solinst high quality groundwater monitoring instruments is the cumulative expertise of experienced hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers, manufacturing & electronic professionals and technicians.

Solinst is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality instruments that are designed for accuracy, ease-of-use and to give reliable results over the long-term.