solinst readout unit allows instant access to compensated water level data from solinst leveloggers and vented aquavent and levelvent dataloggers

SRU Solinst Readout Unit - Model 4001

Instant Access to Compensated Water Levels & More!

solinst readout unit sru allows instant access to barometrically compensated water level data

The Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) is a field-ready device designed to take and display instant water level readings from a deployed Solinst datalogger, as well as allowing simple download of stored data.


How the SRU Makes Your Life Easier in the Field


View Compensated Real-time Water Level Data

With the SRU connected, you can select a real-time sampling rate and start a monitoring session independent of the datalogger's internal logging mode. Recorded data can be saved in the SRU memory. The SRU has a built-in barometer, which provides the option of showing and saving water level readings corrected for barometric pressure. Real-time logging and viewing of barometrically compensated level readings is convenient when performing aquifer tests, such as pumping tests.


solinst readout unit with levelogger 5 ltc level temperature and conductivity datalogger

Download and save Multiple Datalogger Files

The SRU is also a data download and storage device that has enough memory to save 20 full LTC logs or 18 full LT logs (~1.8 million LTC readings or 2.7 million LT readings). Transfer files to a PC by connecting the SRU using a USB cable. Files are downloaded and opened using Solinst Levelogger Software.


Quickly Check Your Down-hole Datalogger Status

The SRU provides access to information about the connected datalogger's battery level, memory, serial number, firmware version, and logging mode. This is useful for quickly checking the status of a datalogger without removing it from the installation.


Convenient features of the SRU