8.1 Update In the Field


When conducting a firmware upgrade, DO NOT interrupt the process prior to completion (This may take 30 minutes). If the notice “The firmware version in the STS is more recent, continue the firmware updated?” appears, you must select “Continue”. Selecting “No” or otherwise interrupting the upgrade process will make the STS Controller unable to communicate with STS software. To correct this, the firmware must be re-upgraded, and allowed to fully complete installation. Installation is not complete until a note appears at the base of the program window indicating “Firmware Upgrade Completed”.

  1. Use a null modem (RS232) cable to connect the PC to the “Modem or PC” serial connection on the STS Distribution Box of the STS Remote Station, or connect the STS Controller directly to the PC using a USB cable.

  2. Make sure the STS Gold Controller is ON. Select the “PC Diagnostic” mode from the STS Gold Controller main menu.

  3. Open the Solinst Firmware Upgrade Utility which is located in the ‘FW’ folder in the STS_Gold folder (STS_Gold_FW.ssf), and pick the COM port to which the STS is connected. Make sure the Baud Rate is set to 115200.

  4. Click the leftmost ‘Open’ button, which should open a file dialog asking for the firmware file (*.ssf) to upload. Navigate to the directory where the firmware file is located then click on the file and click ‘Open’.

  5. Check the ‘Firmware File Information’ box to make sure that the opened file is the right one.

  6. Click the ‘Upload Firmware’ button, which is the second button from the left, to start the firmware upload process.

  7. If a communication error occurs and is indicated in the STS Information Window either before the “Verified Program Checksum” message or after the “Program Information Section”, then restart the upgrade process.

Figure 8-1 Firmware Upgrade Utility