3.1 STS Edge Remote Stations

The Solinst STS Edge Telemetry System collects, stores, and sends data from the remote dataloggers to the Home Station computer. Up to 16MB of data can be stored in the STS Edge non-volatile memory, until a specified time when it 'sends' the data to the Home Station, where all the accumulated data is uploaded. If there are cellular service disruptions, the STS Edge Remote Station will store all the data internally until it has been successfully uploaded to the Home Station computer.

The STS Edge features powerful processors to monitor the battery, control the modem power, perform Built- In-Test (BIT) functions and select the datalogger communication channels. It contains a built-in auto-reset breaker for over-current protection of the modem. The STS Edge also has an onboard GPS receiver with internal antenna.

The STS Edge has labeled connections for a 12V sealed lead-acid battery or External Power Regulator Assembly (Power), the modem (RS-232 or Ethernet), modem power (Cellular Modem), and USB Programming Cable (USB). The two-wire connectors for four dataloggers (Datalogger Connections) are also clearly indicated.


When an RRL Network is connected to an STS Edge, the RRL Station connects to the RS-232 connection, and the modem connects to the Ethernet connection. The RRL Home Station is also connected to the radio power (Radio Modem) connection. See Section 4.5 for set up.

solinst sts edge datalogger connections

Figure 3-4 STS Edge Telemetry System