3.5 STS Communication Agent


The Communication Agent must always remain open while your STS System is in operation and during initialization.

The STS/RRL Communication Agent is included with the STS/RRL Software package. The Communication Agent is an information window that will display all activity that has occurred between a Remote Station and the Home Station. This application is used to view activity, and monitor communication.

To open the STS Communication Agent, click , or click the Start button and select:

Programs > Solinst > STS_Gold > STS Gold Com Agent.


If you change a COM Port setting or add a new site with a different COM Port setup, you will have to restart the Communication Agent in order to see the data from that COM Port.

The Communication Agent will open automatically, after you have finished setting up an STS Station. The Communication Agent can be left open, and minimized even after the Administrator has been closed. The Communication Agent must always remain open when the STS System is in operation and during initialization.

In the Messages tab, the serial number of each Levelogger and STS Remote Station will be shown to indicate which communication has come from that site. Each report will be time and date stamped. By clicking the Save icon, at any time you can save the log file on your Home Station computer for your record or for diagnostic purposes. If a station is stopped, when started again, the data will be appended to the same log file. Saved log files can be retrieved from the following location:

<C:\Program Files\Solinst\STS_Gold\log>

solinst sts gold telemetry system sts communication agent sts gold administrator image

Figure 3-11 Communication Agent - Messages


The Site Report Time tab lists each STS Station by serial number and shows the next time it is scheduled to report to the Home Station.

If there is a communication conflict, and the Remote Station does not report when scheduled, a timeout message will be shown in the Communication Agent Messages. To stop receiving timeout messages from a Station (you may be aware of what is causing the communication issue, and do not need the messages any longer), uncheck the box beside the Station (see below).

Figure 3-12 Communication Agent - Site Report Time