3.1 STS Administrator

After the STS/RRL Gold Software has been started, the STS/RRL Administrator screen will open. From here, you can create new STS Gold sites, edit existing sites, delete existing sites, and open site data.


An alarm clock icon shown beside a datalogger on the Administrator screen indicates that an alarm condition has been set for this datalogger. It does not mean an alarm condition has been met.

solinst sts telemetry system sts administrator sts administrator screen image

Figure 3-1 STS Administrator Screen


The Menu on the left of the screen lists each project and each existing STS Site by their Serial Number (number located on the STS Controller). Selecting a site from the list will display information on the sites Remote Station Battery Strength, Remote Station Signal Strength, Last Update Time, and site details (including Project ID, Location, Number of Loggers, etc). Information for each datalogger connected to the site is displayed, including instrument type, and battery strength.


RRL Gold Radio Networks will also be listed in this window. See Remote Radio Link User Guide for more information.