solinst levelsender with sim card plan telemetry systems built for levelogger groundwater dataloggers

LevelSender 5

solinst levelsender telemetry system for leveloggers

New 4G LevelSender
with Built-in SIM Card and Barometer

PLUS: NEW Cellular Data Plan Optimized for
Data Monitoring with Low Rates

Solinst Data Plans starting from $4.50 USD Monthly

The New 9500 LevelSender 4G with SIM Card, comes pre-programmed and installed, providing you a simplified set-up. It essentially makes the LevelSender a simple plug and play device. You still have the option of a 9500 4G LevelSender without the SIM card, if you prefer to setup the cellular accounts yourself with local network providers. However, this New Solinst SIM card with account removes much of the work for you – eliminating the selection of a provider and organizing a data account. Solinst is also offering just the SIM card for those clients who already have LevelSender units and wish to change to the convenience of the Solinst plan. If you are interested in taking advantage of a low cost Solinst SIM Card Plan, designed to meet the needs of environmental data monitoring requirements, please contact Solinst. Why pay for more data than you need?


New Software and Firmware Provides Further Enhancement

LevelSender Software Version 1.2.0 and Firmware Version 2.002 allow new and current LevelSender 5 Telemetry Systems (sold after November 2020) to take advantage of some great new features, including:


SIM Data Calculator

Monthly Data Size:



Already Own Leveloggers?
Add Low Cost Telemetry Today!

Eliminate going to the field to download your Levelogger data. Quickly and easily add cellular telemetry to your Levelogger monitoring wells. The LevelSender 5 is designed to connect to Direct Read Cables and Leveloggers, upgrading your current installation by adding cellular telemetry at an affordable price. The LevelSender is compact in design, and is simple to setup and maintain. Leverage your current Levelogger 5 assets and increase your efficiency by adding a LevelSender.




Compatible Dataloggers



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