RRL Gold Systems

The Solinst RRL Gold Remote Radio Link System offers a very simple and inexpensive method of local telemetry. Data is sent from the field via short-distance radio to your PC. The RRL Gold is excellent for small, closed loop networks such as mine sites, golf courses, and landfill monitoring networks. By using free unlicensed radio bands (ISM), the RRL Gold has the advantage of being a lower cost option than cellular telemetry systems.


RRL Gold Stations

RRL Gold Stations work with omni-directional antenna line-of-sight transmission, therefore, can communicate over distances of 20 miles (30 km), or more, using some stations as repeaters.

RRL Gold Stations use the same hardware, and are programmed using a wizard in the STS/RRL Gold Software as a Home Station, Remote Station or Relay Station. As such, RRL Stations are interchangeable as required.

RRL Gold Stations use a 900 MHz radio module. Stations come standard with six AA replaceable lithium batteries and antenna.

Up to 4 Solinst Leveloggers (using two 'splitters') can be attached to one RRL Gold Station. Stations are designed to fit into 4.5" (115 mm) diameter wells for discrete placement. The case is rugged and waterproof with an IP66 rating.

RRL Gold Stations have a non-volatile internal memory; a Remote Station stores collected data in its memory until the Home Station has been successfully contacted.