Communication Options

With the choice of cellular or radio, STS and RRL Gold Systems provide communication options to suit your site and application. To determine the best method to meet your requirements you need to evaluate the options available in your area i.e. cellular carriers, and the physical conditions of your site, including topography, nearby buildings, trees, etc.



If your telemetry network is within an area of good cellular coverage, then GSM or CDMA wireless communication may be your method of choice. Because data is 'pushed' through the system, power requirements to send data are low.



If you have no cellular service available, or you are setting up a local network, then radio may be your option. It has the advantage of free airtime and no long distance fees.


Internet Connectivity:

Choosing to communicate using digital cellular or satellite gives the advantage of IP addressability. IP (Internet Protocol) allows a reliable method of data transfer using an internet connection, which saves you time and money. An IP Network allows all Remote Stations to send data to the Home Station at the same time, without disruptions or time scheduling issues.