Benefits of Using Solinst Telemetry

Solinst has created simplified systems with standardized hardware, flexible communication options, and intuitive software that make the system easy to set-up, operate and manage the data.

Solinst Telemetry provides an economical and efficient method to access remote data instantly, saving time and costs by eliminating manual data collection, time spent traveling and costly data hosting.

STS Gold Systems have added features such as alarm notification, remote diagnostic reporting and firmware updating, which makes it easy to maintain your system, while simplifying data collection.



Water level, temperature and/or rainfall monitoring for:


Data Self-Management

STS/RRL Gold Software allows you to always be in control of your own data. Data retrieved from each Levelogger is placed in a Microsoft® Access® database on the Home Station computer. New data is added to the existing database. The Software can be used for a convenient quick check of the latest readings. You can export your data as .lev or .csv files for use in your preferred database or modeling package. You can display formatted data on web pages by accessing the database directly with your own software. Data self-management provides flexible options, and ongoing cost savings, without being tied to a proprietary data hosting service.

®Microsoft and Access are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.