1.3 Software Communication


For software installation instructions, see Section 3.

Levelogger Software is Windows based, and is therefore used with a desktop or laptop PC. Dataloggers connect to a laptop or desktop PC with an Optical Reader cable. The Optical Reader cable uses an infrared data reader/port connected to the datalogger and a USB or RS-232 (Serial) Com Port to transfer information between the datalogger and computer.


USB Optical Readers received after February 2018 are only compatible with Levelogger Software Version 4.3.3 and up.

USB PC Interface Cables received after July 2018 are only compatible with Levelogger Software Version 4.3.3 and up.

If you are programming dataloggers in the office, or have deployed your datalogger using a wireline or cord, an Optical Reader is most commonly used for communication with a PC (see Figure 1-2).

If a datalogger is deployed in the field using a Direct Read Cable, a PC Interface Cable is used for communication with the PC, without removing it from the well (see Figure 1-3).

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Figure 1-2 Levelogger Connected to a PC Using an Optical Reader


Always plug in the USB device before starting the Software. See Section 4.1.2 for more information on communication with USB ports.


solinst levelogger and direct read cable connected to pc using usb pc interface cable

Figure 1-3 Levelogger and Direct Read Cable Connected to PC Using a PC Interface Cable

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