1.3.1 Backwards Compatibility


It is always recommended to use the most recent version of software and firmware.

The Levelogger Edge is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Levelogger Software. Only Levelogger Software Version 4 can be used to program the Levelogger Edge and Barologger Edge. The Levelogger Junior Edge is only compatible with Levelogger Software Version 4.0.2 and up. The Rainlogger Edge is only compatible with Software Version 4.1 and up. The LTC Levelogger Edge is only compatible with 4.3.0 and up.

Levelogger Junior, LTC Levelogger Edge, Rainlogger, and Leveloader are compatible with Levelogger Software Version 4.5. If used with previous software versions, they will not have some of the features gained with the release of Version 4.5 Software. The Levelogger Gold and Barologger Gold are also compatible with Version 4.5 Software, and previous versions.

To use your Leveloggers with Version 4.5 Software, ensure your firmware is upgraded to the following versions:


Datalogger Firmware Version
Levelogger Edge 3.004
Barologger Edge 3.004
Levelogger Junior Edge 3.004
LTC Levelogger Edge 1.003
Rainlogger Edge 3.001
Leveloader Gold 2.002
Levelogger Gold 2.007
Barologger Gold 2.007
Levelogger Junior 2.007
LTC Levelogger Junior 2.005
Rainlogger 2.000



For more information on previous software and firmware versions, visit www.solinst.com to view 3001 Levelogger Series: Hardware Compatibility, located on the Downloads page.

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