Water Level Indicators - Cable

Model 102 Narrow Cable Water Level Indicators

solinst model 102 water level indicators


The Model 102 Water Level Indicators use narrow cable to measure water levels in tight spaces. The segmented P10 Probe offers greater flexibility in angled piezometers and assist in bypassing down-hole restrictions or pumps when measuring draw-down.

The Model 102 Water Level Indicators use the same reliable electronics and reel as the Model 101 Water Level Meters; the use of accurately marked coaxial cable makes it a more affordable option.

The cable has a tough polyurethane jacket with laser markings each millimeter or 1/100 ft. The braided copper outer conductor provides flexibility, while the stainless steel central conductor reduces stretch and resists corrosion. The cable is easy to repair and splice.

solinst narrow diameter water level meter probes


solinst laser marked water level meter cable

N2: Feet and tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.
N3: Meters and centimeters: with markings every mm


There are two narrow probe options to choose from. Their probe tip designs minimize false signals in cascading water.

Helpful for reaching greater depths, and for use in the majority of level monitoring applications, the heavier 10 mm x 70 mm ( 3/8" x 2.75") P10 Probe weighs 6.14 oz. (174 g) with 10 segmented stainless steel weights for easy handling.

For the narrowest applications, the 4 mm x 38 mm (0.157" x 1.5") stainless steel P4 Probe is the choice. It weighs 0.35 oz. (10 g).

The 4 mm P4 stainless steel probe is ideal for measuring in the narrow channels of a Model 403 CMT® Multilevel System and the 10 mm (3/8") open tubes of a Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel System.

The Model 102M Mini Water Level Indicator comes with either 25 m or 80 ft. of laser-marked cable on a more compact, portable reel that can fit in a backpack or Solinst mini carry case. The 102M Mini also comes with the choice of a P4 or P10 Probe.

102 Length Options:
Model 102 Water Level Meters are available on reels in the following standard lengths:


Mini Reel 25 m 80 ft.
Small Reel 30 m 100 ft.
  60 m 200 ft.
  100 m 300 ft.
  150 m 500 ft.
  250 m 750 ft.
  300 m 1000 ft.