Interface Meter P8 Probe Replacement

122 Interface Meter: P8 Probe Replacement



solinst 122 and 122m interface meterp8 probe replacement


Tools and Materials Needed

  1. 122/122M Replacement P8 Probe Assembly (#111260)
    • Includes replacement #V013 O-Ring
  2. Silicone-based grease
  3. Tweezers




Before attempting probe replacement, please make sure the Interface Meter is properly grounded. Attach the grounding cable clip to a metal well casing or other suitable grounding rod.

  1. Make sure the Interface Meter is turned off.
  2. To remove the old probe, twist the probe counter-clockwise and pull out. This may take some force.
  3. Remove the two connectors from the brass tubes.
  4. Remove the old V013 O-ring from the tape seal plug, if damaged. Lubricate (e.g. silicon grease) the new V013 O-ring and the slotted area where the O-ring will be installed on the tape seal plug. Install the O-ring.
  5. Lay the tape and tape seal plug so the numbers on the tape are facing up.
  6. Use tweezers to carefully pull the green and white wire connectors from the replacement probe body.
  7. To attach the new probe, connect the green wire to the brass connector on the top of the tape seal plug and the white wire to the bottom brass tube. Ensure the connectors are pushed all the way onto the brass tubes.
  8. Keeping the wires connected, slowly twist the probe up to two times. This shortens the wires and allows them to tuck easier into the probe body.
  9. Line up the indents in the probe with the grooves in the tape seal plug. Push the probe past the O-ring, then twist the probe clockwise until the probe seats on the tape seal plug.
  10. Note:

    To avoid any nicks, make sure the wires are tucked back into the probe body when pushing the probe onto the tape seal plug.

  11. With Probe in a glass of tap water and product (i.e. lamp oil), turn the Interface Meter On. A steady tone and light indicates a product, while an intermittent tone indicates water. If the buzzer or light do not activate, check the Probe connections.