101B P1 Probe Replacement / Weight Installation

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. 101B P1 Replacement Probe Assembly/Weight (#112162)
    • 2 x Steel Probe Sleeves
    • 3 x Roll Pins (1/8"x 1/2" 18-8)
    • 2 x Ferrules (DIN 20 AWG 8 mm barrel)
  2. Hammer
  3. Roll Pin Extraction Tool (if required) (solid pin just under 1/8" diameter)
  4. Scissors or Shears
  5. Wire Strippers
  6. Ferrule Crimp Tool (see photo)
  7. Awl

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101B P1 Replacement Probe Assembly / Weight


If you are using the replacement probe as an additional weight, you do not need to use the ferrules that come with the assembly


Removing a Probe from the 101B

If required, to remove a probe, use a hammer and an extraction tool (solid pin just under 1/8" in diameter) to tap the three roll pins through the tape and out of the probe sleeves.

Hammer and Extraction Tool


Preparing 101B Tape for Probe Attachment

  1. Cut the tape straight across at a cm marking (your new "zero point"). Cut the tape along the wire leads to 0.8" (2 cm), then remove the section of tape between the leads.
  2. Strip the wire leads by 0.4" (1 cm), so the ferrules slide easily onto the lead ends.
  3. Note:

    You may need to twist the wires so they slide easier into the ferrules. Ensure each ferrule is slid onto the lead far enough that the metal end of the ferrule is crimped onto the stripped wire.

  4. Use a ferrule crimp tool to connect the ferrules to the stripped leads. See photo of tool options below.
  5. Ferrule Crimp Tool Options


Installing the 101B Probe/Weight to Flat Tape

  1. To install the new probe/weight on the tape, line up the two probe sleeves as shown in the photo below. When replacing the probe on a 101B, ensure the ferrules are completely outside of the point where the probe sleeves come together.
  2. Note:

    You can use vice grips to hold the probe sleeves together while using the awl and hammer, as this will take some force.

  3. With the probe sleeves aligned, use an awl to pierce the tape through one of the holes in the probe sleeves. Use the hammer to tap a roll pin through the opening in the probe sleeves and tape.
  4. With the first pin installed flush with the edges of the probe sleeves, use the awl to pierce the other two holes. Use the hammer to install the two remaining roll pins. Ensure all the pins are flush with the outside edges of the probe sleeves.
  5. Note:

    When the two probe sleeves are installed, they are 1/2" (12.7 mm) wide, have an effective diameter of 5/8" (16.5 mm) and weigh 100 grams (3.5 oz).

  6. To test a probe, dip it in a glass of tap water. The buzzer and light on the Meter should be activated.