Water Level Measurement Devices

solinst model 101 water level meters with laser marked pvdf flat tape

solinst power reels for long length water level meters solinst model 107 tlc meter for measuring water level water temperature water conductivity which solinst water level meter is right for you choosing the correct water level measurement device for your groundwater application


High Quality Workmanship Means Devices are Built-to-Last

solinst 101 water level meter 1982 version

1982: 101 Water Level Meter

The first product produced by Solinst was the Model 101 Water Level Meter, and over thirty years later, hydrogeologists worldwide are still using it. The Model 101 Water Level Meter first gained popularity among professionals in the United States for it's robust design, stretch-resistant tape and special markings in feet and tenths of feet (now 1/100 ft.).

Today, all Solinst Level Measurement Devices feature durable, accurately marked cables and tapes, sturdy, easy-to-use reels, and convenient repair options. The high quality workmanship put into manufacturing each Meter makes them built-to-last in rugged environments, for many years.