Packer to Pump Adaptor Assembly Instructions

Model 800 1.8" Single Point Packer to 1" or 5/8" Pump

Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Packer to Pump Adaptor Assembly - 1.8" Packer to 1" or 5/8" Pump (#113459), includes:
    • Pump Adaptor
    • Extension and Coupler
    • 1.66" Filter Retainer
    • #V116 O-ring (Black)
    • Stainless Steel Filter
    • 1/2" x 1/2" NPTM Compression Fitting
    • 6" of 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID LDPE Tubing
    • 2 x 14.0 Oetiker Clamps
  2. Model 407 1" x 2 ft. SS Bladder Pump (#108207) or Model 408 5/8" x 2 ft. SS Double Valve Pump (#103104)
  3. Model 800 1.8" x 2 ft. Single Point Packer (#107967)
  4. 3/8" Hex Allen Key
  5. Oetiker Pliers



New Packers come with Centralizers that should be used with this assembly if suited (see Model 800 Operating Instructions).


solinst model 800 low pressure packers adaptor to pneumatic groundwater sampling pump



  1. Using a 3/8" hex Allen key, unthread the bottom plug in the Packer.
  2. Assemble the Pump Adaptor by threading the components together in the order shown in the diagram above.
  3. Ensure the O-ring and Stainless Steel Filter are installed on the 1.66" Filter Retainer, and screw the 1.66" Filter Retainer into the assembled Adaptor until finger-tight.
  4. Thread Adaptor with 1.66" Filter Retainer into the bottom of the Packer.
  5. Thread the Extension and Coupler into the top of the Packer until finger-tight.
  6. Thread the Compression Fitting into the top of the Coupler until finger-tight.
  7. Insert the LDPE Tubing into the Compression Fitting until it seats. The Compression Fitting nut may have to be loosened before the tubing is inserted. Tighten the nut 1-1/4 turns past finger-tight for a proper seal.
  8. Unscrew and remove the filter retainer and filter screen from the bottom platen of the Pump.
  9. Slide the two Oetiker Clamps over the end of the LDPE Tubing.
  10. Insert the stem of the bottom platen of the Pump into the LDPE Tubing.
  11. Center the two Oetiker Clamps over the groove in the stem, and use the pliers to crimp the Oetiker Clamps to secure the tubing to the Pump.


  1. The complete assembly weighs about 6–8 lbs (2.7–3.6 kg).
  2. See separate operating instructions for the Model 800 Low Pressure Packers, and Model 407 Bladder Pumps or Model 408 Double Valve Pumps.