Disassembly, Decontamination and Reassembly


  1. Remove the Filter Retainer, Filter Screen and Top and Bottom Platens, being careful not to lose the Check Balls. Remove the Pump Body.
  2. Remove the Top and Bottom Retainers, then remove the Centre Rod from the Bladder Sleeve by pushing one end of the Centre Rod onto a solid surface, while gripping the Bladder Retainer. It may be necessary to use one of the Retainers to push the Centre Rod out.
  3. Remove the Bladder from the Bladder Sleeve using a pair of needle nose pliers.




  1. Always follow your local guidelines and standard protocols.
  2. Do not use acetone on the O-rings.
  1. Completely disassemble the Pump.
  2. Wash all pump components with phosphate-free soap or a detergent.
  3. Rinse all components thoroughly with deionized water.
  4. Replace any worn O-rings and Bladder if necessary,and reassemble.
  5. The Pump's interior can be cleaned without disassembling by flushing your cleaning solution up and through the Pump's intake. With the Pump's Filter removed, use a peristaltic pump connected to the Bottom Platen, to push the cleaning solution through the Pump. Then flush the Pump with deionized water.


  1. Manually slide the new Bladder into the Bladder Sleeve. It should extend about 1/4" beyond the Bladder Sleeve, at both ends.
  2. Using your finger, flare both ends of the Bladder.
  3. If necessary install new O-rings on both Top and Bottom Retainers and both Platens (8 in total).
  4. Hold both ends of the Replacement Bladder to minimize slip within the Sleeve. Liberally lubricate a Retainer with water and insert it first at a 45° angle and rotating gently back and forth until the Bladder has been pushed about 1/4" past the second O-ring on the Retainer.
  5. Insert the Centre Rod into the Sleeve until it rests in the Retainer.
  6. Lubricate the second Retainer with water, align it onto the Centre Rod and working gently to avoid twisting or crumpling of the Bladder, push the Retainer into the Bladder until it is about 1/4" past the second O-ring. Trim off excess as necessary.
  7. Take the Bottom Platen and drop the 5/16" OD Teflon Check Ball into it.
  8. Fit the end of the assembly firmly into the Bottom Platen.
  9. Slip the Pump Body over the assembly and screw it onto the Bottom Platen.
  10. Drop a Check Ball into the Top Platen and screw the Pump Body onto it.
  11. Shake the assembled pump to hear if the Check Balls rattle. If not, repeat steps 8 to 10, to ensure that the Check Balls are positioned correctly.
  12. Fit the Filter Screen onto the Bottom Platen and screw the Filter Retainer into place.