3.2 Pumping Set Up

  1. Connect the Supply Line to the Air In fitting on the Solinst Electronic Pump Control Unit. Attach the other end to the compressed gas supply source.
  2. Ensure your pump is installed to the desired pumping depth with the sample and drive tubing properly connected.
  3. Connect the Drive Line from the Air Out fitting to the quick connect on the wellhead manifold (or air supply connection on a reel).
  4. Press any button on the keypad to turn the Control Unit on.
  5. Select the desired pumping settings.
  6. Set the compressed gas supply regulator to no more than 150 psi for the 125 psi Control Unit, or 300 psi for the 250 psi Control Unit.
  7. Start the selected drive/vent cycle.
  8. Allow several cycles for water to reach the surface, then adjust the settings as necessary.



    The Control Unit will turn off after five minutes of being idle, provided the Unit is not cycling. To turn the Unit off, hold down the OK button for at least 3 seconds.