Our Product Lines

Level Measurement Devices

Solinst Level Measurement Devices feature durable, accurately marked cables and tapes, convenient and easy-to-use reels, and full unit repairability. The Meters are ideal for use in rugged environments, excellent for well drillers and environmental field studies for determining depth to static water level, oil/water interface, profiling temperature and conductivity, and for detecting metal well casing and measuring total well depth or top of backfill layers during well completion.


Dataloggers & Telemetry

Solinst dataloggers are ideal for short or long-term hydrogeological studies, or continuous monitoring applications. The Levelogger Series features water level, temperature, conductivity, and rainfall event dataloggers and uses absolute pressure sensors. The LevelVent and AquaVent are water level and temperature dataloggers that use vented pressure sensors. Integrate Solinst dataloggers with SolSat, Solinst STS, RRL Telemetry Systems, and LevelSender Telemetry Systems for remote monitoring projects. Use the Solinst Cloud to simplify data management and LevelSender setup. The 301 Water Level Temperature Sensors offer absolute or vented sensors programmed with MODBUS or SDI-12 protocols.


Groundwater Samplers

Solinst offers a variety of groundwater sampling options that suit any environment or application, from Bladder and Double Valve Pumps that provide low flow capabilities, pumps suited to VOC sampling, inexpensive bailers, grab samplers and inertial pumps, to Discrete Interval Samplers and 12V Pumps. Accessories such as Control Units, 12V Compressors, Filters, and Packers are also available.


Multilevel Systems & Remediation

Solinst Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring Systems are engineered to provide detailed, accurate subsurface data for high resolution site interpretation and assessments, resulting in more effective, and less expensive remediation. Solinst also offers an effective bioremediation enhancement option for cleaning up contaminated groundwater.


Drive-Point Piezometers

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers provide easy to install wells for long or short-term monitoring applications. Piezometers can be pushed into suitable sediments, or installed with a drill rig for accurate vertical profiling. Drive-Point Piezometers are ideal for initial site investigations and geotechnical studies, and help determine the optimum placement of permanent piezometers or remediation equipment.