Water Level Temperature Meter

solinst model 201 water level temperature meter

The 201 Water Level Temperature Meter (WLT) accurately measures static water level, as well as water temperature. Water levels are read using laser marked flat tape, each millimeter or every 1/100 ft in lengths up to 600 m (2000 ft). Temperature is displayed on an LCD readout from -20ºC to +125ºC; accuracy is ±0.1ºC from -5ºC to +50ºC and ±0.5ºC outside of that range.

A light and buzzer are triggered when the probe detects water. The buzzer is easily turned off using the push button, as you profile temperature to greater depths (the light remains active).

The Water Level Temperature Meter is ideal for detecting runoff, points of inflow, or other sources of thermal pollution; early warning of changes in water quality; monitoring and predicting changes in aquatic environments; and geothermal studies.