9500 LevelSender 5

solinst levelsender 5 cellular telemetry system for leveloggers

solinst levelsender 5 telemetry system for leveloggers   


The 9500 LevelSender 5 is a simple, low-cost telemetry system compact enough to fit inside a 50 mm (2") well casing. You can connect up to two dataloggers to one LevelSender 5. System set up is ideal for adding telemetry to existing Levelogger installations on Direct Read Cables.

A built-in barometer automatically compensates Levelogger water level data. The LevelSender 5 is also compatible with the LevelVent 5 vented dataloggers.

The LevelSender 5 uses 4G cellular communication to send data from connected dataloggers in the field to the Solinst Cloud or FTP server and a Home Station PC database; you can optionally send data to your smart device using email or text messaging.

For increased simplicity and convenience, Solinst provides a plug-and-play option with a preprogrammed SIM card and competitive cellular service plan managed and billed directly through Solinst.

Initial set-up is done through the Solinst Cloud or a software wizard at the Home Station. There is two-way communication between remote dataloggers and the Solinst Cloud or Home Station, allowing remote updates as required. High and low-level alarms can be set for each connected datalogger.

In addition to water level, temperature, conductivity, barometric, or rainfall data, battery level and status updates from the remote LevelSender 5 are received with each data report.