3001 DataGrabber 5

solinst datagrabber data transfer device for leveloggers and aquavent

The DataGrabber 5 for Levelogger absolute dataloggers and AquaVent vented dataloggers is a simple, inexpensive, portable data transfer device for use in the field. With one push-button, all of the data stored in a connected Solinst datalogger is copied to a USB flash drive key. The data can then be opened using Levelogger PC Software for viewing, saving and performing data compensations. The DataGrabber 5 easily connects to a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable or Optical Adaptor, or to a LevelVent or AquaVent Wellhead.

The DataGrabber 5 comes with a 2 GB USB flash drive key with a second connection for a USB-C device, if required. It is also compatible with most other USB flash drives. A convenient LED light indicates the DataGrabber's status. Downloading does not erase the data from the datalogger's memory, and logging is not interrupted. The DataGrabber uses a separate 9V alkaline or lithium replaceable battery.

™DataGrabber is a trademark of Solinst Canada Ltd.