3500 AquaVent

Solinst AquaVent

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The AquaVent records very accurate water level and temperature measurements in shallow groundwater and surface water applications. It combines pressure and temperature sensors, datalogger, and memory for up to 120,000 data logs.

The AquaVent uses a durable Hastelloy pressure sensor providing 0.05% FS accuracy. The vented pressure sensor is open to the atmosphere via a vent tube to surface. This applies atmospheric pressure to the sensor, resulting in water level readings that are automatically compensated for barometric effects.

Vented cables are available in lengths up to 500 ft. The vented cable connects a downhole logger to a Wellhead that fits conveniently onto a 2" (50 mm) well casing. There are two options; the 3500 AquaVent SP Wellhead has connections for communicating with Solinst software and accessories; the SPX Wellhead has the added option of communicating with third party systems using MODBUS (RS-232/RS-485) or SDI-12 protocols.

Each Wellhead uses 4 1.5V AA lithium batteries that power the AquaVent logger. They are user replaceable and can last 8 years based on one reading per minute.

For permanent moisture protection, the Wellheads and AquaVent logger contain built-in desiccants and have hydrophobic filters where the vented cable terminates at surface and downhole.