3500 AquaVent

solinst aquavent vented groundwater dataloggers

solinst aquavent vented datalogger wellhead and aquavent probe image

The AquaVent uses a vented pressure transducer to provide accurate datalogging of water levels that are automatically compensated for barometric effects. The vented cable connects the downhole logger to a Wellhead that fits conveniently onto a 2" (50 mm) well casing. Custom vented cables are available to 500 ft. The AquaVent can be used with Solinst Levelogger Software, and has the option to communicate using SDI-12 or MODBUS protocols. For permanent moisture protection, the Wellheads and AquaVent logger contain built-in desiccants and hydrophobic filters. User-replaceable batteries can last up to 8 years.