Solinst Commitment to Quality and Service

Users of Solinst equipment include: consultant hydrogeologists, environmental engineers and geotechnical engineers; government environmental regulators, department of environment, energy, water supply, army, airforce and navy; mines, well drillers, landfill and hazardous waste site operators; industrial companies storing and using potentially hazardous chemicals and materials, and groundwater or surface water researchers.

The Solinst staff is dedicated to providing these customers with a wide variety of high quality instruments and top quality service. The knowledgeable sales and technical staff and the skilled machinists are able to provide instrumentation for virtually any application. Solinst aims to provide hydrologists and hydrogeologists worldwide with the best in monitoring instrumentation.

Solinst produces reliable stock items routinely, yet maintains the capability to manufacture specialized items to suit particular needs. The practical and easy-to-use instrumentation allows users the means to obtain the detailed, accurate data required for high calibre hydrogeological investigations.