Waterloo Multilevel System

solinst waterloo system components

Standard Waterloo System Components, Including Packer, Port (Dual Stem), PVC Casing, PVC Base Plug, and Manifold


The 401 Waterloo Multilevel System allows detailed groundwater monitoring from many zones in one borehole.

The System is modular to allow ports to be located accurately at desired monitoring zones. The zones are permanently isolated by packers or seals and each port is individually connected to the surface.

Ports can be fitted with dedicated Transducers, Bladder Pumps and/or Double Valve Pumps. Alternatively, a port may be fitted with a monitoring tube that is left open for use with narrow diameter portable equipment, such as the 102 Water Level Indicator or 102M Mini Water Level Indicator and a narrow diameter Inertial Pump, a Peristaltic Pump or the Micro Double Valve Pump.

Ports, packers and casing lengths are assembled, as needed, into a water-tight PVC or stainless steel casing string. The modular Waterloo System allows complete customization to each application. Systems can be installed on an angle or vertically. A drilling rig is not necessarily required during installation. Monitoring is fast and efficient, especially if dedicated equipment is used.