Geotechnical Instruments

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Geokon, Inc., The World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology, is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of a broad range of high quality Geotechnical Instrumentation.

Instruments manufactured by Geokon are used primarily for monitoring the safety and stability of civil and mining structures such as dams, tunnels, mine openings, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, subway systems, underground powerhouses, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, slurry wall excavations, braced excavations, tiebacks, nuclear waste repositories, ground water remediation schemes and the like.

Product Datasheets

Strain Gages & Strainmeters

Jointmeters, Strandmeters, Crackmeters, Convergence Meters & Displacement Meters

Extensometers, Anchors, Readout Instruments & Sensors

Piezometers, Pressure Transducers & Weir Monitors


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