Bladder Pump Animation
Video: How Solinst Bladder Pumps Work
See why our bladder pump design is perfect for low flow sampling
122M Mini Interface Meter with PVDF Coaxial Cable
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122M Mini Interface Meter with PVDF Coaxial Cable
New Model 122M Mini Interface Meter
Narrow, Durable PVDF Cable is Easy to Decontaminate
Solinst Model 101 Water Level Meter
101 Water Level Meters are Built for the Field
Rugged and Ergonomic - They are Ideal for Any Monitoring Project
410 Peristaltic Pump
Field Ready Peristaltic Pump
One Simple Control Provides Variable Pumping Rates and Reversible Flow
solinst 3001 leveloggers
solinst 107 TLC meter
solinst 101 water level meter

Solinst High Quality Groundwater Monitoring Instruments

Uses: Groundwater Monitoring Instruments are designed to obtain surface or ground water samples, continuous or manual water level measurements and recordings of concentrations of various water parameters. The data collected can be used to estimate hydraulic conductivity and other aquifer conditions; to monitor potable water recharge areas; and to monitor tailings ponds, dewatering activities and water supply levels of mines.

Solinst equipment is used to monitor groundwater for general site investigations and for contaminant plume monitoring on: spill sites, remediation sites, chemical storage facilities, landfill sites and hazardous waste storage sites.