Bladder Pump to DVP Conversion Instructions Model 407 to 408 1 " x 2 ft SS

Bladder Pump to Double Valve Pump Conversion Instructions


Tools and Materials Needed

  1. Model 407 1" x 2ft. SS Bladder Pump (#108207)
  2. 1" dia. x 2ft. 407 to 408 Conversion Kit (#106925)

  3. Includes:

    • 2 x V-010 O-ring (#100257) (1 as spare)
    • 3 x V-012 O-ring (#100291) (1 as spare)
    • 2 x V-116 O-ring (#103439)
    • 2 x 3/8" OD Teflon® Check Ball (#101399)
    • Valve Body for 1" dia. Double Valve Pump (#103529)
    • Riser for 1" x 2ft. Double Valve Pump (#106928)



These instructions assume that the Model 407 Solinst Bladder Pump has been completely decontaminated and is fully assembled before beginning the conversion.


Disassembling the Bladder Pump

  1. With each hand, hold the Top and Bottom Platens and rotate each counter clockwise, opposite to each other.
  2. Once loosened, unscrew the Top Platen from the Pump Body. Be careful not to lose the 5/16" OD Check Ball. Unscrew the Pump Body from the Bottom Platen.
  3. Slide the Pump Body off the Bladder Sleeve. Pull the Bladder Sleeve out of the Bottom Platen. Set the Bladder Sleeve aside for future use; it contains the Top and Bottom Retainers, Centre Rod, and Bladder.
  4. Remove the 5/16" OD Check Ball from the Bottom Platen. Be careful not to lose either of the Check Balls, as they will be required for future use.
  5. Check all O-rings for wear or damage, and replace as necessary.


Assembling the Double Valve Pump

  1. Take the 3/8" OD Check Ball from the Conversion Kit and drop it into the Bottom Platen.
  2. Take the Valve Body and insert into the Bottom Platen until the O-ring firmly seats.
  3. Insert the other 3/8" OD Check Ball into the top of the Valve Body.
  4. Insert the bottom end of the riser into the Valve Body. (The bottom end of the riser has holes in the side of it.)
  5. Slide the Pump Body over the Riser and thread onto the Bottom Platen.
  6. Take the Top Platen and while lining up the top of the Riser into the centre of the Top Platen, thread the Pump Body to the Top Platen.


See separate instructions for Double Valve Pump operation.


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Stainless Steel Bladder Pump Conversion to a Double Valve Pump